The benefits of working with the top-rated dermatology-specific billing service in the country.
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You Can't Always See What You Get...

And We Give You A Lot!

The Tangible Benefits

  1. Quicker turnaround for getting the claims paid. Each department has a maximum time frame of 72 hours to perform their duties, although most of our work is done in real time.
  2. Any claims that have been in the system for over 35 days with no payment are worked by our AR department. Your dedicated AR department representative works your entire AR from A-Z, small balance to large! They must complete the entire aging report within the reporting month...that's their job! They do it on time and they do it with optimal results. That's why we collect claims in an average between 23-27 days from the date of service. Some of our clients have days in AR as low as 20 days. How well we perform is based on your carrier mix and your staff's ability to give us correct and timely information. Teamwork is the magic ingredient.
  3. We collect between 97 -99% of all CPT codes billed. We don't make any money by writing off CPT we go after every charge. After all, that's why you hired us, isn't it?
  4. Real-time access to your account. Through a cloud-based server, you can see what's going on with your accounts at any time. We want you to know how great we are doing!
  5. You only need one-dedicated employee on your end to interact with our billing team. Depending on the size of your practice, most of our practices' liaisons only work about 10-20 hours per week. That allows you to use their talents for other tasks in your office. We take away the majority of your staff's time dedicated to billing.
  6. Reliable and timely practice reports. Bottom-line reports is how you know we're on top of every patient's account.

The Intangible Benefits

  1. Our Concierge Coordinator (your personal contact with our billing service) is your first responder when you have a question, issue, concern, or need.
  2. No worries about recruiting, training, supervision, etc.
    1. Reduced liability...less people
    2. Reduced embezzlement opportunities
  3. No worries about growth. You grow and we add the staff on our end.
  4. Reduced expenses for staff-related costs (reduced wages, employer expenses (FICA), unemployment, health care, etc.)
  5. Reduced in-office space needs that can be utilized for other money making services.
  6. Phone lines won't be tied up with patient billing calls - they will be freed up for scheduling appointments.
  7. We are a function-based billing service. We have departments and all staff in that department are charged with a specific set of tasks. This model allows staff to gain tremendous skill, speed, and job knowledge resulting in optimal outcomes. It also assures that each task is done regularly and on-time. 72 hours is our company standard.
  8. More accountability. Our bottom-line reports give you the facts about your performance and ours.
  9. We are totally transparent and give you regular don't have to spend time monitoring your billing staff's productivity or efficiency.
  10. Layers of supervision. Each department has a supervisor, each location has a General Manager, and our Director of Billing Services, oversees the entire operation. We know what goes on from the bottom up.
  11. You have more control than you ever did. You know what is going on with your practice all the time. (Most practice owners don't really know what is going on in their own practices...but you will!)
  12. Billing related expenses are directly tied to your productivity. You are gone for two weeks and your gross charges go down, then the next month your bill goes down. That is not the case when you have in-house staff. They get paid no matter how much or little you make.
  13. My staff is incentivized. There are amazing benefits and opportunities for growth at The Inga Ellzey Billing Companies. Programs such as our Back to School Kids program, where we subsidize employees' school aged children with a $75.00 stipend per child, lets our staff know we care. Additionally, our lucrative bonus program, based on the company's profitability, gives each employee a sense of ownership. In the ten past years, we have only added staff...never reduced it.
  14. We pride ourselves in employee retention. My average billing staff has been with me for 7.5 years with many upper level management staff having between 10-16 years.
  15. We have plenty of cross-trained staff. If you have in-house staff and someone is ill, on vacation, or quits, a certain portion of your billing does not get done, puts stress on the other employees, and they get behind or never catch up. With our fully staffed departments, we always have plenty of people to get the job done...many are cross- trained.
  16. Our staff has performance standards that each department has to meet. Benchmarks of excellence. The department supervisors are required to meet those benchmarks! And they take pride in achieving those goals.
  17. Our overall experience doing billing for over 20 years, we have never seen a practice that has not benefited from insourcing me as their billing entity. Not one!
  18. We don't write off anything (except contractual adjustments) without the Office Manager (OM) reviewing why a CPT code needs to be written off. The OM scrutinizes the AR person's efforts to assure that every option has been exhausted to get that CPT code paid.
  19. We also fix on-going issues with carriers. That takes time and knowledge. We know how to resolve carrier issues.