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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main advantage to using your billing service?

Is there minimum revenue that I must generate to qualify for your billing service?

We just did an analysis to determine what we now pay for our billing staff. It turned out to be just under six percent of our overhead. How do we justify paying your company more than that figure if our practice generates $1 million in net receipts and we are currently spending $60,000 in billing related costs, how can we justify the increase in overhead?

Why do you require an agreement? Can't you arrange month-to-month billing?

I feel like I would lose control over my billings if I outsource. How can you assure me your billing service is doing a good job?

What benchmarks should I look for from a billing service?

What about patient owed-balances? Do billing services contact patients who fail to pay their bills or ignore the payment plans they agreed to?

How does your billing service establish its rates? Some billing services offer rates as low as 4 percent. Why is your rate higher?

How do I know that your staff is not embezzling money from our company?

Will you handle my billing even if some of my partners do not want to outsource?

Do you give any volume discounts? Our practice generates more than $3.5 million in receipts each year, so we feel we're in a position to negotiate rates.

What about cosmetic and other services dispensed over-the-counter? Do I need to pay you a percentage on my cash business?

Can I sign an agreement with you to bill only certain carriers?

Are you familiar with billing for PAs and NP services?

Will you help in the credentialing process if our practice hires new providers?

What if I get sick during an agreement period and cannot continue to practice? Am I responsible for fulfilling the remainder of the agreement?

I would like to go into an agreement with your company and know I can entrust my practice to you, but what if you retire? What happens if you are not at the helm?


If you are contemplating outsourcing your billing, why not INSOURCE Inga Ellzey and her team of dermatology billing experts into your practice instead?

Fill out the short initial billing inquiry or call 1-800-318-3271 and ask to speak to Shari Greene. It's that easy.