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The history of a company is important for several reasons


It demonstrates the ability to adjust as the customers and the environment changes.


It shows steady growth.


It is a display of dedication to the sustainability by the owners and management.


It proves staying power.


It exhibits expertise.


It is a display of dedication to the sustainability by the owners and management.

So Why Inga Ellzey?

Here are a few reasons

  1. She has spent the last 37 years servicing the dermatology community through her conferences, publications, webinars, practice help tools, and fax line.
  2. She has performed dermatology-only billing on a national level for the past 20 years.
  3. She is the sole owner of The Inga Ellzey Billing Companies.
    1. No capital venture funding
    2. No board of directors to report to
    3. No intention of selling out
    4. No intention of going public
  4. She's a hands-on owner. She is always a phone call or email away.
  5. She takes pride in what she has built and wants to maintain it for years to come. She already has the next generation poised to take over the company in the next 10 years.
  1. She has a very long-term, loyal, and dedicated staff who share her vision and work hard to preserve her name.
    1. 125 American workers
    2. Average employee has been with the company 7.5 years.
    3. Over 15 employees have been with the company 10 years or longer.
    4. The Director of Billing Operations has been with Inga for 20 years!
  2. 15-20% of the company's profits are re-invested back into the company each year for updating and enhancing technology, improving the working environment, and increasing staff salaries and benefits.
  3. Slow growth means steady growth and longevity. Many companies grow so quickly and over-extend their capabilities to service their customers. Others move away from their core competency compromising the quality of services they provide. Inga has seen a huge number of newcomers entering the billing market only to be gone several years later. You know...the turtle thing!
Headshot from the waist up of Inga Ellzey

Inga's Philosophy

"I am in the business because I love it. I love the specialty of dermatology, I love dermatologists, and I share their pride in running a quality business and providing quality "care." Of course, we all want to earn money for what we do. However, money is no longer the motivator for me. It's sustainability for the next generation, stability for my staff from the top down, and knowledge that I am the best at what I do and can share my expertise and service my clients better than anyone out there. Lastly, I love autonomy. I don't want to be owned by anyone. I don't want anyone to tell me how to run my business or decide what's best for the practices I service. I want to make the decisions and take responsibility for my actions. I always have and I always will. My mantra has always been, 'Be passionate about what you do and you will be successful doing what you love.' That's me!"