Dermatology Billing is All We Do. We are the nation's foremost expert on dermatology coding, documentation, and reimbursement.
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The Inga Ellzey Billing Companies

#1 Top Rated Dermatology Billing Revenue Cycle Management Company

Becoming the top-rated dermatology-specific billing service in the country doesn't happen overnight. We have been called many things over the years: innovators, stress relievers, life savers. But most often, we're called invaluable.

Dermatology Billing is All We Do.

If a loved one needed a physician, would you send them to the cheapest care provider around or would you seek out the best?

Wouldn't you choose the one with the longest track record, the finest reputation, and unsurpassed references? Would price be your determining factor? Of course not! So why hand off the most vital aspect of your practice, your income stream, to just anyone?

Our team is comprised of 125 dedicated and loyal American workers with an average tenure of 7.5 years with the Inga Ellzey Billing Companies. We service over 325 providers in 85 practices situated in 32 states.

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We only bill for Dermatology practices
and we do it better than anyone in the industry.

Just ask our clients.

  • The Inga Ellzey Billing Companies are wonderful to work with. I have used them for over twelve years, and they continue to give excellent service. They apply quick and personalized assistance whenever there is a problem or an issue, and they act with a timely and efficient effort. We can always contact top-level management, including Inga herself, if we need that level of support.

    Map of the United States of America with Montana highlighted.
    • R. Korenberg, MD
    • Missoula, Montana
  • DBA is knowledgeable about the nuances of dermatological coding and billing that impact the bottom line. My patients call DBA directly if they have a question about their bill which frees my office staff. DBA keeps me well-informed about the financial benchmarks of my practice that are critical for profitability.

    Map of the United States of America with Missouri highlighted.
    • J. Garrett, MD
    • St. Louis, Missouri
  • In an era marked by increasing insurance billing audits, having a systematic approach to monitoring one's charts is essential. West Coast Derm Billers has always offered to independently audit randomly-chosen patient records and compare the documentation to finalized billing. A dedicated specialist provides thorough case-by-case reviews, noting both satisfactory documentation and areas of weakness. West Coast Derm Biller's proactive approach should keep its clients outside the cross-hairs of insurance auditors.

    Map of the United States of America with Washington state highlighted.
    • D. Fader, MD
    • Seattle, Washington


If you are contemplating outsourcing your billing, why not INSOURCE Inga Ellzey and her team of dermatology billing experts into your practice instead?

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