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That makes our entire company proud. Our long-term and new clients are our greatest fans! We’ll let them do the talking about our fantastic company. Our West Coast location (Redlands, California) has been referred to as West Coast Derm Billers or WCDB and our East Coast location (Casselberry, Florida) has been known as Dermatology Billing Associates or DBA. You’ll hear our clients’ testimonials refer to these two locations by their previous names. They are both now known collectively as The Inga Ellzey Billing Companies. No matter what you call us, our clients all call us “The Best!”


The Ellzey Group has done the billing for my dermatology practice since I opened the practice 15 years ago. I have found their collection rate to be excellent. Equally important, my office gets very few billing questions or complaints about the billing process from my patients. Billing questions are handled by an 800 number to the Ellzey Group that the patients call.

Bi-yearly audits of sample charts by a coding expert is another feature of this company. The coding expert gives me helpful tips in my coding and reassurance that my chart documentation is meeting the correct level of the charged visit. Also, any insurance chart audits are also sent to the Ellzey Group to review and advice before I send the charts off. This gives me an extra level of security knowing that all the required information is being sent.

My account specialist, or Inga herself, are both easily available to answer any questions about my account or generate any billing reports I desire. In short, if you do not want to deal with the hassles of billing in your office I highly recommend this company for your billing needs.

T. Helfman, MDCharlotte, North Carolina

We have been working with Dermatology Billing Associates since January 2015. After much consternation regarding their fees which are higher than I was previously paying, I finally followed the advice of a colleague and friend who has been using Inga Ellzey's services for years. It didn't take long for me to recognize the differences in working with a small local billing company and working with a true leader in the dermatology billing world. They immediately identified several areas where we were underperforming and changed protocols to ensure that we would not only capture more of our hard earned collections, but also ensure that we would keep it. The team that was assigned to my practice knows the ins and outs of my billing at all times and they are always an email or a phone call away. I truly believe that they have my best interests at heart and feel confident that they will be there when I need them. They now handle all of the billing questions that come into the office and have helped us to streamline our operation so that the workload on the staff is dramatically decreased. Inga herself responds to emails when I reach out to her directly and she has a firm grasp on all areas of operation at DBA. When we had a challenge in implementation to arise, I reached out to her and the problem was corrected. My only regret is that I didn't listen to my friend years ago when he first suggested that I make the switch.

C. Hartman, MD, FAADHomewood, Alabama

Partnering with Inga Ellzey and West Coast Dermatology Billers have allowed me to focus on what I do best; seeing and treating patients. I have been impressed with their persistence in the appeals process and getting my claims paid. In this environment of increased payor scrutiny, I am confident and reassured that my billing is done correctly.

S. Callaway, MDEvans, Georgia

Our new practice was struggling with billing. We were overwhelmed with the process, kept getting it wrong, and felt like we were really losing out on collections.

After spending several weeks researching billing companies and having conversations with colleagues, it quickly became evident that Dermatology Billing Associates was the most skilled, capable, hardest-working company, and had the best outcomes of any other billing company out there.

I called their references and spoke to some other practices that I knew used the Inga Ellzey Billing service, their comments were always the same. They all felt that DBA's customer service and dedication to their practice's excellence was bar none.

Since onboarding DBA, we have been extremely pleased with our partnership. The DBA team is responsive and so knowledgeable about every component of the billing process. They are extremely timely with their feedback and response to all of my and my staff's questions. They are always very available to hop on phone calls to explain any questions/concerns in greater detail or to outline ways to better streamline and improve our processes.

I sleep better at night knowing that DBA is our advocate and leading the charge to make sure that our billing and collections are maximized with the best patient satisfaction.

S. Gee, MDSmithville, Texas

I recommend Inga's DBA without any hesitation. The dermatology billing that they do is world class and has saved our office time and money.

G. Slaughter, MDCharlotte, North Carolina

We have used the services of the Inga Ellzey Practice Group for the past 15 years. Simply put, of all the practice management decisions we ever made, this was the best. The group is highly professional, motivated, and incisive in handling our billing and accounts receivable. There is nobody more knowledgeable than Inga regarding coding and compliance issues. The entire organization has always been responsive to our needs. I cannot imagine having had greater success with anyone else!

W. Heymann, MDMarlton, New Jersey

The responsiveness of WCDB creates a great relationship with our practice. Our calls are answered almost immediately. On the rare occasion we do have to leave a message, there is a response that same day or as soon as the problem is solved. Our representative and her team have adjusted right along with us during a time of explosive growth in our practice to make sure our billing did not lag behind - even with the increased volume. Their patience and diligence is a huge value to us and has helped us in creating a successful practice.

J. Givan, MD, FACMSLynchburg, Virginia

Dermatology Billing Associates has been providing accurate, professional and efficient billing services to my office since 2011. DBA is knowledgeable about the nuances of dermatological coding and billing that impact the bottom line. My patients call DBA directly if they have a question about their bill which frees my office staff. DBA keeps me well-informed about the financial benchmarks of my practice that are critical for profitability.

J. Garrett, MDSt. Louis, Missouri

We started with DBA in February, 2020, after having an underperforming billing service for 3 ½ years. Due to the many problems we experienced with the prior billing service we were very skeptical about outsourcing this portion of our business again.

Their CEO understood our hesitancy and insisted on making a trip to Chicago to meet with our providers, our staff, see our operations, present their business operations, and address our fears. For this reason, DBA stood out above all the others vying for our business. We were reassured and felt he really cared about our business.

Our transition was smooth and DBA has even reached out to help us with general business support during the time of COVID. They are immediately responsive to our emails, phone calls, and patients when they require information or explanations of their statements. We have had positive feedback from patients on how polite the DBA customer service team is.

Relationships are very important in this business and DBA is built on strong communication, support, trustworthiness, accessibility, and relationship building. With weekly phone calls from the General Manager, we have developed a friendship with them and feel they are part of our business family.

We were a business that needed convincing that they could handle our workload accurately, and DBA has been very supportive to us on many levels. The bottom line is that they care about the quality of work they produce, and how we, the client, are faring in the ups and downs of this unpredictable year.

D. Urhausen, Office ManagerNaperville, Illinois

In an era marked by increasing insurance billing audits, having a systematic approach to monitoring one's charts is essential. Furthermore, as more of us are compelled to adopt electronic health records, we need to be careful that we proofread what appears in these notes. Not all verbiage accurately or fully documents what we do. West Coast Derm Billers has always offered to independently audit randomly-chosen patient records and compare the documentation to finalized billing. This service is done routinely at mutually-agreed upon intervals. A dedicated specialist provides thorough case-by-case reviews noting both satisfactory documentation and areas of weakness. A general overview accompanies this analysis. While I review each chart before finalizing it, I have been grateful for this additional audit process which has identified relatively easy but important documentation improvements. West Coast Derm Biller's proactive approach keeps its clients outside the cross-hairs of insurance auditors. With stronger initial documentation, claim denials are more successfully appealed as well. Providers comparing billing services should also consider the benefits of this added audit service.

D. Fader, MDSeattle, Washington

The Inga Ellzey Billing Companies are wonderful to work with. I have used them for over twelve years, and they continue to give excellent service. They apply quick and personalized assistance whenever there is a problem or an issue, and they act with a timely and efficient effort. We can always contact top-level management, including Inga herself, if we need that level of support. It's great to always receive proficient hands-on assistance, and not need to go through endless and unsuccessful channels to reach resolution. A great organization! We will be with them for years into the future.

R. Korenberg, MDMissoula, Montana

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the extensive compliance program offered by your billing company. With insurance companies and regulators demanding oversight, a good compliance program is the best defense to any inquiry. As we have a very busy multi-practioner practice, I expect carrier reviews and audits. The pro-active program, including expert chart reviews and salient advice, is important to our practice. The ability to have you direct any audit and fight for the practice is priceless.

The whole carrier audit process is contentious and filled with anxiety. I know my practice is in the best of hands with you directing any audit. The fact that this is included in the normal billing fees is amazing. Thanks again for your great level of service!

J. Rapaport MDEnglewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Englert Dermatology LLC has been a client of Dermatology Billing Associates since 2007. DBA provides our practice with exceptional customer service to both our practice and our patients. DBA’s team members are experts in the field of billing and provide our office with a wealth of knowledge and support. Our office receives immediate support from DBA when needed along with monthly financial reports that not only monitor our practice’s financial health but DBA’s performance as well. We have been assigned our own Patient Relations Rep who assures our satisfaction.

DBA accommodates all of our requests making billing a breeze. DBA is efficient in submitting claims and resolving claim-related issues. Our 60-day collections are over 98%. Utilizing DBA allows our practice to focus on patient-related care and not be bogged down with the headaches of billing. The best decision we ever made!

S Yates, Office ManagerCockeysville, Maryland