As everyone knows, I was heavily involved with Modernizing Medicine’s EMR product EMA prior to launch. I was used as a consultant to assist in the CPT and ICD-9 coding aspect of the software. Then I was engaged to be the company’s spokesperson and was highly involved with print media, webinars, appearances at my conferences, just to name a few. I exclusively endorsed the product as it was the best EMR I had seen for dermatologists. My name and my reputation helped catapult Modernizing Medicine’s EMR into a first place position almost overnight. For these functions I was compensated by Modernizing Medicine.

Modernizing Medicine's EMR product EMA
In addition to compensation, I was also given a 50% discount on the monthly maintenance fee for my clients who purchased EMA. It was a win-win relationship.

In the summer of 2014 when I heard the news that Modernizing Medicine had decided to enter the medical billing arena I was shocked.

Modernizing Medicine has withdrawn their 50% discount for our new clients. As a result, I am now only able to subsidize the monthly maintenance fee, rather than offer my new clients EMA for free. Additionally, I now welcome new clients who have other EMRs to integrate with our Practice Management systems (if the EMR vendors allows a bridge).

Over the next months the relationship deteriorated despite efforts on both of our sides. As a result, our relationship was severed by mutual agreement.